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Throwback Thursday! 21 Retro Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

Retro hairstyles are in for 2020. They’re elegant, unique and chic, and have never really gone out of style. Whether you need a gorgeous retro glam wave for a special event, or want to rock vintage-inspired hairstyles on the day to day, you’re going to love these retro looks for all hair lengths! Made popular by beauty icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Brigette Bardot, retro hairstyles have been giving slight modern updates for styles that are classy, feminine and oh so elegant! Take a look at some of the most stunning retro hairstyles and see how you can get the looks for yourself!

11 Retro Hairstyles for Short Hair

How to: Soft Retro Waves and 5 Ways to Accessorize Your Short Hair | Milabu

Retro waves are ideal if you’re going for an elegant look. More edgy than beach waves, they’re perfect for special events or holidays. Although retro waves are elegant, they’re super easy to achieve, and in this video, she shows you how to accessories them five different ways. She uses the Bio Ionic Curling Iron to create the waves, and accessories like a floral pearl head piece and long bobby pin clips to elevate the retro waves even further. These looks are totally wearable for day to day, giving you a modernized retro vibe that’s sure to turn heads!

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair: Vintage Inspired | jerianie

In this tutorial, she demonstrates another way to get retro waves, using an overnight curling method. The result can be a little untamed, so she shows you how to get the perfect wave by brushing it out and going over her hair with a curling iron. She uses retro-style accessories such as a headband and a beret. With six retro hairstyles in total, you can create a new hairstyle for (almost) every day of the week!

6 Retro Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Old Hollywood Glam Vintage Waves | Arna Alayne

This simple and easy tutorial leads you through the step-by-step process to getting the perfect Hollywood glam waves for medium hair. This look is perfect for when you want to look glamorous and elegant and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting your hair done by a professional. All you need is a 1-inch curling wand, hair clip and hairspray to get the elegant look! Pair the hairstyle with a glam makeup look and you’ll have the most gorgeous vintage-inspired look for your party or event!

5 Quick and Easy Vintage Hairstyles for Natural/Straight Hair | Rachel Maksy

These five styles are retro hairstyles you can do without curling your hair! They’re quick and simple and ideal to do before you run out the door! These styles work best on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed – she recommends doing them on day two or day three hair as it helps with volume! You can always use dry shampoo if needed as it also helps to create volume. From a retro ponytail to a retro braided updo, these five hairstyles are gorgeous as can be!

4 Retro Hairstyles for Long Hair

3 Vintage/Retro Pin Up Girl Hairstyles (1940/50’s) | Jackie Wyers

These fun retro hairstyles are super easy to achieve and are ideal whether you want to dress up for Halloween, or just rock a retro look on the day to day. Pin up girl hairstyles are quintessentially retro, and she shows you how to get three styles in this video, including pin up pigtails, a bandana bun and a swirly mini ponytail. For her curls, she uses the Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron and she accessories with a retro hair bow and a bandana. Retro accessories definitely help you create the vintage vibe and bring the looks together.

Easy Classic Old Hollywood Waves Hair Tutorial | Beauty ES Balance

Retro Hollywood waves look so amazing on long hair. They’re classic and elegant and can completely elevate your entire look. For this glam hairstyle, you’ll need a curling wand, as well as hair pins, hairspray, and a hair serum. In this video, one girl is getting her hair done by another, but you can easily create this look on yourself! They make it easy to follow and the result is the most gorgeous waves that you can wear to a fancy event. Pair it with a glam makeup look and a beautiful red lip and there’s no denying you’ll be a complete stand out!

Retro hairstyles are making a big comeback and these are some of the most gorgeous styles you can create! Try them out for a truly stunning vintage-inspired look!

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