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Shawn Johnson and Her Husband Shared Their At-Home Workout Routine, With Baby in Hand

As pro athletes (and new parents), Shawn Johnson and husband Andrew East are used to fitting in workouts when and where they can. From the training gym to their living room, the couple can put together a heart-racing routine — even with baby Drew in hand. If you’ve ever wanted to exercise with Johnson and East, you’re in luck! They recently teamed up with Planet Fitness to share their 20-minute at-home “work-in.”

In a peak parenting move, Johnson and East took turns demonstrating moves and holding their baby daughter. Hey, why use dumbbells when you can get the help of your cute little workout buddy? Johnson and East’s HIIT routine included jump squats, mountain climbers, cross-body sit-ups, and low-impact inchworms for a full-body session. When you’re ready to get your sweat on, watch the full video above to follow along.

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