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Top tech for your kitchen to stay healthy at home

Gone are the days of buying up a load of kitchen gadgets to make it look like you know what you’re doing, we’ve got smarter over the years. Experienced cooks know that a bit of elbow grease and a rolling pin will do the job that fancy pasta machines or a cake mixer can do, but we all like a little extra help from time to time.

We’ve realised that gadgets for the sake of it seem to find themselves shut away in a cupboard far more than they’re out being used but we also know that to be king or queen of the kitchen, a little help goes a long way. This is where the advancement of technology has stepped in to save us, bridging the gap between those dusty devices and the future of a tech-filled home. From appliances controlled by Alexa to one-touch machines to make our meals for us, all we need to do is pick out the ingredients and leave the effort to the gadget.

With more time being spent at home it is even more important to stay healthy and all we have to is buy those nutritious ingredients. If you fancy a bit of high-tech gadgetry in your kitchen to ensure you have some deliciously healthy meals to hand then read on for our top picks.

Big Berkey is one of the world’s best selling brands in water filters and purification systems

Water filter

We’re starting with the basics – and that’s water! According to the Eatwell Guide it’s recommended that we consume six to eight glasses of water a day, thankfully this includes tea and coffee, but not sugary drinks. You may not like the taste of water and the liquid coming from your taps may not be all that refreshing, so it’s probably time to invest in a decent water filter.

Big Berkey Water Filters come highly recommended, they reduce bacteria and chemicals from the water supply, so you can be secure in the knowledge that the water you and your family drink will be safe. With the ability to purify up to seven gallons of water an hour, you will certainly never be in short supply.

Air fryer

Though cooking oil isn’t quite as bad as some like to make out, it’s common knowledge that a little oil goes a very long way when it comes to frying your favourite foods, which is why so many have switched from the deep fat fryers of the past and upgraded to an oil-free air fryer. We all crave that delightful crunch to add a little texture to our meals (and we really don’t mean overcooking to the point of crispy) and this is a great way to achieve that without having to bathe our food in oil. Swish versions come with digital touch panels and can even link up to your smartphone to be controlled from another room.

Air fryers – sometimes called health fryers – use hot air instead of oil, so they’re healthier to cook with than deep-fat fryers

Instant pot

Whether you fancy your favourite chilli or love the way this nifty contraption cooks eggs, an all-in-one instant pot does what it says on the tin. This works effectively as a bottle steriliser, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker and more, meaning that you just set it up and go about your day as normal. There are plenty of recipes to give you inspiration with all of the gadgetry and there are even 15 pre set programs so with one touch of the button, you can focus on something else entirely, safe in the knowledge that something special is being whipped up in your absence.

Automatic hand soap dispenser

In between handling meats and other fresh foods, it is so important to keep your hygiene up to its highest level. A hands-free soap dispenser is the ideal kitchen companion to ensure cross-contamination is eliminated and you can carry on your cooking without spreading germs around the space. Using a little sensor with varying levels of soap being dispensed dependant on how far away your hand is these handy dispensers can blend stylishly into your home too.

For super smoothies to enjoy as part of your morning routine or post-workout a decent blender is what you need


For super smoothies to enjoy as part of your morning routine or post-workout a decent blender is what you need. A fantastic way to bulk up on those ever-important fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet, it’s a really useful tool to have. Something like the Nutribullet Balance Smart Personal Blender really brings this gadget up to date with smart technology incorporated to pair with other devices to show you the nutritional content of your smoothie as your ingredients blend away. Perfect for those needing to keep track of what they’re putting in their bodies.

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